Walling System Properties and Advantages of the NRG Greenboard Walling System

Walling System Properties and Advantages

Walling System NRG Greenboard panel is manufactured from high density, rigid, expanded polystyrene. The raw material is gained as a by-product of the manufacture of oil.

Greenboard is manufactured without the use of CFC’s and does not contain or emit any poisonous gas. In fact, NRG Greenboard is made up of 98% air entrapped in a closed
cellular structure of polystyrene. This entrapped air accounts for the extremely good insulation properties of the Greenboard.

The off cuts of NRG Greenboard can be glued within the wall cavity prior to the installation of the internal linings as additional insulation. This cuts down on the impact to our environment as all the material is being used, leaving a minimal amount of material to be removed from site.

Insulation for Energy Efficient Buildings

The Greenboard system is the most cost efficient method of insulation in terms of R-value per dollar. Unlike some other methods of insulation that allow thermal bridging across the timber or steel studs framing. NRG Greenboard provides a continuousinsulative sheath around the entire building.

Warranty – 10yr

NRG warrants that the Greenboard sheets (the “Product”) will be free from defects due to defective factory workmanship or materials prior to the installation of the Product for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase, subject to compliance with the conditions published in NRG Product Warranty 2007

 Easy to Render

The surface of the NRG Greenboard is grooved providing an excellent substrate for Reinforced Render Systems.

Energy Efficient Production

Greenboard uses much less energy in its production than conventional building materials such as concrete and masonry.

Fashionable Render Finishes

Available in a wide range of Architectural colours and styles (Refer to your selected manufacturers, texture coating specifications).

Design Freedom

Curved walls, rounded corners, embossed patterns, raised wall areas, mouldings and other architectural features are simple to achieve and cost-effectively with the versatile NRG Walling System.

Vermin Retardant

NRG Greenboard is impregnated with a natural insect retardant, (Bithentrin)

Biologically Inert

The board will not rot and provides no nutritive value for insects or micro-organisms.

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